List of the Best Forums to learn CPA Marketing & Content Locking

You may think Forums are old-fashioned and it is obsolete to learn CPA marketing and generally Web marketing. You’re totally wrong, there’s plenty of useful resources and people to learn from and I am pretty sure this is the best way to start making money with CPA Marketing.

My personal list of the best CPA Marketing Forum


My favorite Marketing Forum ever! The community is huge and you will find useful stuff for every need. The forum isn’t only about CPA Marketing and is a general marketing Forum.

Language: English
Cost: Free / Premium (97$/year)

blackhatworld preview

Blackhatworld is not only about CPA Marketing but everything that’s related to the web and making money. There’s a bunch of dedicated sub-forums that can be linked to CPA:

  • Affiliate Program / CPA Network: This is a sub-forum where network and affiliate can promote their program. For example, you will be able to see if there’s good or bad feedback on your favorite network.
  • CPA: This is a dedicated sub-forum related to CPA Marketing and making money with CPA. There’s mainly newbie questions and very beginner stuff, it’s really interesting and you can find tons of useful posts.
  • Journey: There’s tons of journey related to CPA Marketing with various traffic niches and way to monetize.
  • Social-Media: There’s a dedicated forum to all the main social media (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Snapchat, etc.), and if you plan to monetize social networks with CPA, you will find some very useful stuff there.


The best dedicated CPA Marketing Forums. 2020 is a big year for CPAElites, and we should be seeing some improvement and changes in the forum. There’s a new owner and they are working on a new version of CPAElites.

Language: English
Cost: Free / Premium (40$/year)

cpaelites forum preview

CPAElites is fully focused on CPA Marketing and everything behind it. There’s a huge community with a lot of interesting resources and it’s definitely a forum where you have to be involved. They have a dedicated section for beginners with guides and essential tips and tricks. I remember finding some very useful CPA methods and tips when I started my journey.

Affiliate Fix

A great forum with some CPA networks, and threads but the forum is more dedicated to general business and paid traffic.

Language: English
Cost: Free

affiliate fix forum

What you can find on CPA Marketing forums and why is it useful to learn there:

  • Methods: Every day, there are plenty of new CPA Methods related to news social networks (Tik-Tok or Snapchat), new techniques, and twists. There’s also plenty of old methods that still can make some money if you add some twist.
  • Journeys: “Journey’s” thread can give full and deep explanations about how to apply a method. Newbie and advanced people’s journeys related to CPA. This is definitely a place where you can learn plenty of things about CPA but also about mindset and how to find success. At then end, will learn that everything takes time and a lot of determination before you start making money.
  • Feedback about CPA Network: If you struggle to find the right CPA network or if you think your network shaves a lot, you can check some feedback and you will quickly see if a network is serious or not. You can also check our list of the best CPA network.
  • Tips and advice: You can find a useful piece of advice on every kind of post.
  • AMA: “Ask Me Anything” CPA thread are not a common thing, but when you find one related to your niche or traffic source, you will surely learn some deep and hide knowledge.
  • Download section: Always be careful when you download stuff on the forum (leak stuff, PDF methods, etc.) but there’s still some highly valuable stuff that can be found on marketing forums.
  • Marketplace: There’s plenty of sale’s thread related to CPA marketing, and you can check if a seller is serious on their forum thread. You will be able to find: video and content creators, accounts sellers, SMM Panels, SEO sellers, Proxies, MethodsMentoring, etc.
  • Friends and Joint-venture: This is a key to succeed in CPA Marketing: make friends, share knowledge, and try some joint-venture.

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  1. Great list fully related to CPA Marketing. There’s also CPAHero which isn’t as active as other forums but you can find some useful resources.


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