How to find good CPA Content Locking Niches with Free Tools

You don’t need to pay thousands of dollars in tools every month to help you with niches and keywords research. It certainly required some works and creativity, but you can definitely find great stuff with all the free resources available.

We will use game niches to illustrate our tools and tips, but the methods will work with every kind of niches, even non CPA related.

Google Search Operators to find Niches and Parasite websites

Google is the biggest and most popular search engine in the world. There’s a huge quantity of daily content, post, and new websites. Google SEO is a great source of traffic for CPA Content locking, mainly with a churn and burn approach and parasites websites.

We list the most important search operator to use in additions with your keywords and CPA network mirrors URL:

  • Intext: Google only displays the website with the text you define. There’s variation such as “allintitle:” which only displays text in the title.
  • Inurl: Perfect to use with the CPA network’s mirrors URL. It will only display websites that contain the defined text in the URL.
  • Filetype: You can use this operator to only display PDF results. PDF websites are abused by affiliates as parasites websites and it’s a great way to find new CPA niches.
  • Related: You can use this operator couple with a huge multi-niche website. It will display a lot of related websites.

We recommend using the operators in addition to google date filters. You can try with “past 24 hours” and “past week”. Intext + filetype + last 24 hours is a good combinaison, as shown below:

As you can see, the most recent result are only 3 hours ago, and from .edu website. The niches use are very big and not that much interesting, but the paratsites websites used can be spy and use.

Youtube search with upload date filters

Youtube is a huge traffic source for CPA content locking, and you can find great niches with the right filters and keywords. For example, let’s say you’re looking for new niches related to “game hack” niches. You can use those kinds of keywords list below with an “Upload date” filter:

  • Android/iOS + hack / cheats / etc..
  • Game resources (ex:coins, diamonds, gems, spins, gold, cash) + unlimited / hack / cheats / etc..
  • Mirrors URL used by CPA Networks. This doesn’t work as well as before because the network force affiliates to use their own mirror. The network’s mirrors are flagged by antivirus, adblockers, or DMCA complaints faster than before.

The regular Youtube search is also interesting in itself because it displays the best result for your keyword. This is a good way to see if a niche/keyword is viable and the level of competition around.

CPABuild Public Templates and lockers

CPABuild is not just another CPA network, it’s also a community where member can share their landing page templates and content locker design. They will get a 5% commission on revenue made on their public templates. You can use this feature to find new niches. All the templates and niches you will find are very high-quality because of the review process made by the affiliate manager before approved any templates (every 1-2 weeks).

You will need an approved CPABuild account to access the dashboard with template functions. If you have trouble getting approved, you can check our dedicated tutorial to easily get approved on CPA Networks. Please sign-up with our referral link above:

When you have approved CPABuild’s account, access the dashboard and scroll down under the “All Templates” tab. Then you can sort the templates by date or rating.

If you want to find new hot and trendy CPA niches, you can sort the templates by Date. You will get only the most recent templates display first, and they approve 30-50 new templates every week, with very new niches.

You can also display the template by rating, as shown on the capture above. The template rank system is based on the revenue generated by the CPA landing page templates. You can certainly find some popular niches with not that much competition with this filter.

Bonus: There’s another way to get some niche ideas on CPABuild’s, already covered by Wealthy Hustler. The auto-templates can located under: “Templates”, “Templates & Stats’. This function is not really updated anymore and tends to be forgotten by CPABuild, but there’s still some pretty interesting niche.

Unlimited mobile games and apps for CPA with App Annie

App Annie provides invaluable data about iOS and Google Play marketplace. You can find CPA golden and untapped niches with good filtered research. The free plan includes access to Top Charts app store ranking. You can sort the top 500 apps with devices, country, category, in-app purchases, and date.

There’s a bunch of tabs with metrics related to apps ranking, rating, and information.

Find a “category” related to the niches you want to use (for example shopping or games/board). Then focus on the 100-300th ranked app, they are less popular than the top 100 but there have certainly millions of daily downloads.

Most of your competitors will focus on popular apps and games. There’s certainly more money to do in one shot, but there’s also more competition. You can also focus on fewer popular niches were there almost no competition. If the traffic source you will use doesn’t really have competition, you can just focus on the most popular stuff.

You can then scroll the apps/games and check if it’s there’s competition around these keywords couple with CPA content locking. There’s always a way to monetize a niche with content locking, try to be creative.

Find and Analys niches using Google Trends

Google Trends is a free tool offered by Google to explore what the world is searching for. It’s a good tool for both find new niches and check the current potential of a niche.

For example, you are looking for new iOS and Android games to use with our generators. You can type the same kind of keywords you would use for the Youtube search above.

There are very interesting filters such as “Country” and “Date”. I use a very basic setup with “The United States” and “Past 7 days”, but you can try other Tier 1 country and other dates filters. You can experiment with those filters and they will help to find very good niches at the end.

This is the result with the google trend search above:

We will only focus on “Related queries” results. There are 2 results that are particularly interesting here: “Among us” and “Lovelink”. Other’s results are related to Roblox, which is one of the biggest content locked niche.

We can then check if the niche is really trendy and since how many times. The more a niche is recent and the less competition there is.

The “among us” niche looks very promising and get some hype lately. There’s a lot of factors that can influence the “Interest over time” such as a recent release, community, etc..

It doesn’t always mean the niche is good for content locking, but those kinds of charts are a good sign anyway. You should then check the niches with the traffic source you plan to use to see if there’s competition or people showing interest.

Torrent websites and most download categories

You can use torrent websites to find very interesting niches. Check the most reputable torrents website (Thepiratebay, RARBG, 1337x, etc..) and use the different categories and filters to find what people are currently interested in.

Torrent websites are mainly focused on online stuff (movies, adults, tv-show, games, software, etc..) and they often have top categories for download torrents (daily, monthly, all-time).

Bonus Tips: Youtube channel related to the game industry

There’s tons of channel related to the game industry, and I really like to use them to find new niches back in the days. Especially the YouTube channels that offer daily gameplay of newly released games. Those channels will only use promising games, and there’s a lot of content locking potential.

For example, the KuGo channel (1 millions subscribers, 3-5 weekly videos and 100-500k views per videos) is a very good example.

They’re a mix of new and old games focus on iOS and Android devices. Very interesting to see “Among Us” videos in the last 7 days upload, is this related to our google trends chart above?

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