SimNoLock – Any Phone Unlocker – Free CPA Landing Page

Make money with untapped CPA Niche and SimNoLock Template!

SimNoLock is a highly exclusive CPA Landing page template based on a pretty unexploited niche. Most people has a smartphone these days and they are always looking for a legit way to unlock their phone carrier and make it work with any SIM card.
You can exploit this niche with our template and get a very high conversion rate and EPC.

Price: FREE
License: Unlimited
Version: 1.0
Type: HTML / JS
Creation date: 28.05.2020

NOTE: Download from Google Drive, it might take some time to launch

High-Quality template and target any Mobile device

This template goes straight to the point, unlocks any mobile device to make it work with your SIM card.

On the main dashboard, the user’s have to complete 3 fields in order to unlock their phone carrier:

  • Email address: Unlock information will be sent to the email address. (Option: You can add an email capture script and create a mailing list of users. Blackhat)
  • IMEI number: International Mobile Equipment Identity; this number is unique for any device and is used to lock the phone. There’s a tutorial to get IMEI numbers for android and iOS devices.
  • Resource 1 and 2: User can select the number of resources they want to receive.
  • Proxy and invisibility: Fake field users can make a choice to feel more secure and increase landing page trust.

Efficient Design and Responsive

The template is perfectly designed in a minimalist way and everything can be seen directly. We include a “find EMEI tutorial” with an animated GIF for iOS & Android devices. This will surely help most beginners to go through the generator process and make money.

The generation process is shown to the user via a console. This console will also display the captcha button URL. As always with our template, the whole customization process is made easy, and you just have to use the variables shown in our customization tutorial. This template will work with any major CPA Content locker that has content locking URL functions.

High conversion rate and CPA Golden Niche

All the details and functions on the template are made to increase the conversion rate and get high EPC. You might think some are superficial or useless, but you have to see it as a whole.

We’ve made great earning with this template and this niche, and we think the niche is as valuable as the template. In addition, you can adapt it and switch it to a lot of new ideas.

The terms & conditions page is definitely something you want to have on this kind of landing page and niche. It’s well written and integrated into the whole template and looks natural. We also include “Security Check” and “Dedicated Proxy” buttons that will help with user trust and increase the legit feeling.

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