FreePremium- Youtube Subscription CPA Template

CPA Content Lock Free Youtube Premium

FreePremium is a greatly designed CPA Landing page template based on YouTube / Google identity that incentive users to complete content locker by offering a free YouTube premium subscription.

Every element is meticulously placed to guide visitors towards their ultimate goal – unlocking a free YouTube Premium Subscription. From vibrant colors that capture attention to minimalist layouts that prioritize clarity, this landing page is a visual feast designed to captivate and convert.

Price: FREE
License: Unlimited
Version: 1.0.1
Type: HTML / JS
Creation date: 08.03.2024

NOTE: If you download from Google Drive, it might take some time to launch

Content Locking Magic

As users visit the landing page, they encounter locked sections containing “premium content”. At the heart of this landing page lies an offer that’s too good to pass up – a complimentary YouTube Premium Subscription.

As users land on the page, they are greeted with a compelling proposition: Access to ad-free YouTube, offline viewing, and exclusive content, all at no cost.

This irresistible offer catalyzes engagement, enticing visitors to take action and unlock the coveted subscription.

As always if you want to edit the template to add your content locker, it’s easy:

  • Open index.html with a text or code editor
  • Search for “MYLOCKER”
  • Simply edit it and add your locker URL like “”

Youtube Premium was launched back in 2018 when they rebranded the service. They really incentive the free user to use it by putting long and painful ads on every video you watch.

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