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CPA Marketing Glossary of terms


The advertiser (also known as a merchant) is the person that sells the final good or service. The affiliate sends traffic to the advertiser's website and you get paid when product or service is purchased.


Website/traffic owner that gets paid for sending clicks, actions, or leads to an advertiser...  

Affiliate link

An URL like any other link that contains and ID used to record the traffic sent to the advertiser's website with cookies.

Affiliate manager

Manager of the affiliate program from the CPA network. This is the person to talk if you have any questions related to offers, optimizations, traffic sources, etc.. 

Charge Back

When a lead (or sales/product) is unsuccessful and merchant asks money to the network. In this case, your lead will be canceled and you will get a chargeback. Most of the time in CPA, it's because the user completes the offer with fake information. 

Click-Through Ratio (CTR)

Ratio of users who really clicks on your affiliate URL to the total numbers of page views.


Hide real content of a page to search engines by presenting different pages. Mainly use on blackhat methods and paid traffic/advertising. 

Content locker

A script that blocks users from accessing content until he performs a specific action. (social network shares, complete an action, complete captcha, etc...)  

Conversion Rate

The percentage % of users that actually complete an action (lead, sale, etc.. )to the total number of users.     

Cost Per Action (CPA)

A model that measures specific actions (leads, views, registrations, etc..) to give you a cost equivalent for each unique clicks. 

Earning per click (EPC)

A metric used to show the real earning for each click on your offers, even the one that doesn't actually complete the actions. Some networks show EPC based on 100 clicks or on 1 clicks ratio. 

Geo Targeting

The practice of adapt content or offers depending on the user's geolocalisation. For example in CPA marketing, you are always encouraged to target Tiers 1 country (high earning country) to improve your earning.   


Numbers of times a specific offers/locker or ads has been shown to users. A single user can generate multiple impressions.   


Affiliates and publishers are connected through Networks. Every network has its own rules and models. 


A business field related to your products, services, or content. There are infinite numbers of niches, but in CPA marketing, you will often read about Nutra, gambling, gaming, etc.. 

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Advertising model where advertisers pay every time users clicks on their links, even if they don't complete a lead. 

Pay Per Lead (PPL)

Advertising model where advertisers only pay for lead completion. For example, if 1000 users click on offers but only 5 actually complete the offer, you will only pay for 5 leads in opposition to PPC. 

Postback URL

A Postback URL is a URL that the network's server calls when a conversion is tracked. The URL will “postback” to the affiliate tracking server the conversion data.   

Return On Investment (ROI)

Performance measures calculated by divided the benefice and the cost of an investment. For example, if you have a 1.25 ROI, it means that you get 125$ every time you invest 100$. 


Link rotator used by networks to serve offers to users based on various geolocalisation, devices, hours, etc..