How to make money with TikTok and CPA Content locking

This method involves directing users from TikTok to your landing page to complete a content locker. We give you a very basic guideline that only can be improved and optimized.

You may be wondering, how on earth would that work?  TikTok doesn’t allow for links so this method is BS! 

Well, you’d be right, except that this method doesn’t involve direct links to your landing page.

The beauty of this method is that TikTok is a video app that has high engagement. People make videos in such a creative way that it would seem practical to follow the advice. You see it all the time on TikTok. 

Well, I saw a little trick in the market that I could utilize with this method without having to show my face, or link to my landing page and get my account banned.

The method goes a little something like this: 

You open up a Word document and create a simple listicle-style instruction like the one below:

After you create this Word document, you use your mobile phone to record yourself speaking and saying the following:

Video commentary: Hey guys, here’s how you can hack into anyone’s Facebook account and gain access to all of their profiles. First, you go to “your landing page”

Now you show the landing page and create another video giving the next instructions.

Video commentary: Enter the URL of the account you want to hack into, whether it is an ex-GF account, your boss’s account, or someone you just want to snoop on. Once done, click the Hack Facebook button.

Now show the human verification page i.e. the money-making page where you make the $$$ from user conversions and give a video commentary on how they need to complete one of the offers to gain access to the password of the Facebook user they want to hack.

Video commentary: Now you have to complete the human verification to download the hacked password. Once you do this, the Facebook profile password will be sent via a ZIP file.

Once you have all of these little videos made, it’s time to use a video editing app on the app store/Google store, put them together in 10 seconds, and have a ready-made video that you can upload on TikTok.

Uploading the video and optimizing it for the best conversion rate

Once your video is ready for upload, you need to optimize the settings to ensure your video gets seen by thousands. This type of video won’t go viral, but you can increase the chances of it getting seen by highly targeted users who will do the CPA offer by doing certain things.

When you upload the video, for the description, it is best to have 20-30 words explaining what the video is about. For this Facebook example, you can say something along the lines of:

Here’s a quick guide on how to access your lying cheating boyfriend’s Facebook account and see all of his messages.

Hashtags: These hashtags are VITAL for the success of your campaign. By having the right hashtags, you are allowing yourself to be seen by thousands of highly engaged users looking for your type of video.

For this example, you can use hashtags such as: 

  • #Facebookhack
  • #facebookpassword
  • #hackintofacebookaccount
  • #socialmediahack

Once you have your main hashtags, it’s time for the killer hashtags to be given a semi-viral effect which can increase your video likes, comments, and engagement.

Use #fyp, #foryoupage, #foryoupege, and other variations of “For you page”. The for you page is a must-be for TikTokkers because it allows users to see you on the main page. Having these hashtags has added 5,000+ views to my TikTok video in a matter of hours. 

That’s all! Once you have this, you can scale this up for multiple landing pages, different types of video styles, and campaigns to get the CPA conversions.

Tip: Use short domains for the landing page to grab their attention. If your domain for example is:, chances are you won’t get a lot of visitors from your TikTok campaign. If it’s something simple such as, you have more of a chance of people visiting your site.

This type of TikTok + CPA method can be done with many different niches and has a high engagement rate.

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