How to generate 10-20$ daily with Quora and CPA Content locking

The best thing about Quora is that it is always being updated with brand-new questions, related to your niches. This leads to tens, hundreds, if not thousands of leads every day for your CPA niches and a lot of potential ideas.

In essence, what you want to do for this traffic source is manipulate the outcome in your favor. This is done by creating questions in the Quora platform, and then answering it with a new account to get your answer shown.

Example of quora question with gaming cpa niche

This works amazingly well. I had a CPA landing page for a UK-based niche with very low competition. The competition was so low, it was an absolute steal to create a profitable CPA campaign for it. As well as the low competition in this niche, the Quora platform was BOOMING with questions and answers for this UK-related niche. 

I decided to test a method out to get my landing page shown to leads, so I can start getting CPA conversions from users.

I had 2 Quora accounts at the time and had 0 use for them at the time. I decided to use one of the accounts to create a question for this niche. The questions were akin to these examples:

  • How to find “CPA niche” online?
  • How to download “CPA niche” for free?
  • Is “CPA niche” safe to use?
  • Etc..

After creating a question on Quora, I used my second account to answer the question. I did this strategically, however, by creating content of 300-500 words instead of a basic 40-word answer with a link saying “click here to download” or something similar.

By creating a 300-500-word piece of article for this answer, I started to get organic upvotes for my answer despite it being trash, and non-helpful as the CPA niche in question was not something that existed. 

People started to click through to the landing page and then completed my 3 stage CPA offers which led to an average earning of $2.50 per conversion and over 15 conversions per day. One answer created a new income stream of $30+ per day. 

I used my common sense, and exploited this system by creating new questions, answering them, buying upvotes for the answers, and watching my answers get 100+ visitors per day to my landing page. 

Quora and CPA Marketing Blueprint

Step 1: Find Quora-related questions for your niche, and check to see the demand for your niche on the platform.

Step 2: If there’s an adequate base of questions to begin with, simply create a question on the niche relating to your landing page.

Step 3: Create a 300-500-word article on answering the niche-related question and see how you can benefit users by making them click to the landing page and completing the generator to receive their “reward”. You can use Chat-GPT to speed up the process here.

Step 4:  Create a new account and paste the answer to your question. Since the question is new, you will automatically be at the top. If more people start to answer the question, and your answer gets pushed down, go to step 5.

Step 5 (optional): Buy Quora upvotes from Blackhatworld members who are selling the service. They are relatively inexpensive, and one blast of upvotes is more than enough to get your answer back to the top of the rankings. You can also use your multiple accounts to upvote your question.

Step 6: SCALE THE SH*T OUT OF THE PLATFORM. This means more niches, more questions/answers, more landing pages, and more upvotes. Do this and you only need 3-5 of these to stick to make a consistent $20+ per day.

Now that you have the entire blueprint to landing CPA $$$ conversions, go out there and shoot your shot! It’s purely a numbers game strategy which works incredibly well.

This method can be used with any niches and we advise you to check our tutorial on how to find CPA niches to use with content locking.

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