How to create a Content Locker on CPABuild

Learn How to create a Content Locker on CPABuild Network and extract URL to include in your Landing Page and start generating money.

In order to make money with CPA marketing, users have to complete an action to unlock the content he wants: Giftcard, movie, game currency, etc…

There’s tons of different locker design and process, but we will focus on anti-spam locker. You ask the user to complete a task (download a game or complete a survey) in order to prove that he is a human. If the user really wants to get his content, he will complete the action for what he thinks is anti-spam protection. 

Step 1: Register on CPABuild

The first thing to do if you want to create a content locker on CPABuild is to have an approved account. You can use our dedicated guide to easily get approved on any CPA Networks. The registration process is not difficult on CPABuild and you should get your account in less than 24 hours, even if there’s a submit and manual verification.

You can use our referral link below to get fastly approved. I will provide personal support and mentoring if you are under my referral.

Step 2: Design and Customize your CPABUild Content Locker

When you are approved on CPABuild, you can connect through the platform and access to the main dashboard.

From this dashboard, and as seen in the capture below, go to:

  • “Content Locker”
  • “Build / Modify Locker”
  • “Visual Editor by Prime” – Note: You can use the others template but you have less customization option. We will only cover Prime’s editor in this tutorial.

Then you can click on “Build Now” to access to the Prime Editor.

Now click on “Create New” to create a new locker. You can assign a custom name to your locker. Try to be organized with your locker name even at the beginning, it will be easier after if you want to optimize/edit your lockers.

There are tons of different layout and customization you can add to your locker. I will create a dedicated tutorial on how to properly customize your locker and increase your conversion rate. Anyway, if it’s your first content locker, the basic template will be more than enough to start. I wouldn’t touch any of the “offers” setting at first, they are already optimized.

During your customization process, keep in mind that it has to be simple. Then you can save it and grab your URL to implement it on the landing pages. In order to generate an URL to your locker, you can click on “Build a Link / Code for Website” and it will open a new tab.

Step 3: Extract your CPABuild content locker URL

On this new tab, you can select a locker and generate an URL. The very nice thing with CPABuild is that you can get an URL that will redirect the desktop’s users to a dedicated locker different than the mobile’s user locker. You just need to test and see what works better, don’t overthink this step and just start with something.

You will optimize it when you will receive enough traffic, at least 100-200 daily clicks.

Select the content locker you just created and click on “Generate Code”. Select the ‘URL (Link)’ tab, copy the link and that’s done! You have an URL that will redirect users to your content locker. You can try to open it on a web browser to check if it’s working properly.
In our example, is our locker URL, that we will replace on the landing page with the LOCKERURL variable as shown in our tutorial.

Option: You can use various mirror URL offered by CPABuild. It will help give some diversity to your locker’s URL and reduce the spam flag. You will find the mirrors in “Links”, “Mirrors”. You need to replace the last 5 digits of the mirror with the digit locker.
(In our example the last 5 digits are “11bf2cd”, and we could create a mirror-like

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