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A nice template for your Game Niche Generators

“PayZip” is a very colorful and efficient CPA Landing Page template. We really enjoy how this template is built and you can use it without hesitation in any of your game niches.

Price: FREE
License: Unlimited
Version: 2.0
Type: HTML / JS
Creation date: 18.05.2020

NOTE: Download from Google Drive, it might take some time to launch

CPA Landing Page based on resources generator

This CPA Landing page is based on a resources generator template, as usual with this kind of niche. You can use this template with any of your games, and also with more usual entertainment niches or anything that has generated potential things.

The design and global functions are clean and minimal. They will integrate very well with any background images and logos. The main goal is to have an adaptive, portable, and neutral landing page, which will suit any niches.

Everything is highly customizable, even if you don’t have any coding knowledge. You will find everything you need on CPAZip to learn how to edit your landing pagehow to host it, and how to find traffic sources.

payzip mobile mockup preview
payzip computer mockup

The perfect CPA Landing page – Dynamic and responsive

The main dashboard of the template is composed with a “Username” field, and 1 or 2 resource generator that can be used for:

  • Resource 1: Classic game resource generator, or with any niche that requires something to be generated (credits, accounts, etc.).
  • Resource 2: This niche has 2 different resources to be generated. Most of the new games usually have Gems/Coins or Diamonds/Gold combination.

Design effect and multi CPA Network support

PayZip includes a chat console with some user’s interactions and feedback. The feedbacks have a positive impact and looks real. When you edit the “MYGAME” and “RESOURCES1-2” variables, the chat messages will be updated automatically.
That made the whole customization process far more simple, and you can edit your landing page in less than 5 minutes for each of your niches.

Additionally, there’s a fake console that explains the resource generation process. This console is also adaptive and will update automatically depending on your niche variables.

Finally, the content locker is implemented naturally and matches the design. This is a classic “human verification” content locker, that redirects directly to your own URL.

main dashboard with resources

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