LogiCard – Free CPA Landing Page Gift-Card Generator

The best Gift-card generator design ever!

“Logicard” is a Gift-card generator template for CPA Marketing. You might already know this landing page as Gift Card Rebel and it’s a pretty common template. Anyway, we clean the LP and we try to optimize it as much as possible.

Price: FREE
License: Unlimited
Version: 2.0
Type: HTML / JS
Creation date: 27.05.2020

NOTE: Download from Google Drive, it might take some time to launch

Optimized to increase your conversion rate

This CPA landing page template is based on a Gift-card generator. Basically, most selling companies (real or digital), have a gift card system. For example, you can buy a it as a gift for a friend, or they use gift cards as a reward for long-time users.

At first, the pre-lander generator asks the user which platform they want to choose to generate a gift-card and get redirected to a dedicated landing page. Then, they have 3 different gift-card amounts to choose, and the generator launches a console that emulates the process of looking for an available gift-card.

Finally, the generator asks for human verification to unlock the last digit of the gift-card code. (Example: The code is WXJFO-FMEKFO-PGB83-TORT5-XXXXX and the human verification will unlock the last 5 digits)

One Template for 8 CPA Landing page niches

A good thing about this template is that once you set it up, you can forget about it and promote everything on the same landing page. We carefully choose the 8 platforms, and 99% of the time it will have something they are interested in:

  • Google Play – Android official App Store
  • Xbox – To buy Xbox games or subscription
  • Playstation – To buy Playstation games or subscription
  • Steam – To buy a computer game.
  • Itunes – iOS store and music
  • Amazon – Amazon store or prime subscription
  • eBay – eBay store
  • Facebook – Advertising credits or games credits

Strong design, multitask and responsive

Logicboard has a very strong design and great animation when you open it. Everything is responsive and optimizable, especially for mobile traffic. Any functions and design (console, platform selection, etc.) will fit perfectly with your devices.

There’s also, for each platform niche, a full tutorial and explanation on how to use the generator and why. This will help with conversion rates and convince the most difficult users.

To conclude, if you are not fully happy with the whole design or there are some details you want to improve or change, everything is possible with minor knowledge of HTML and CSS.

How to edit the content locker on Logicard template

This template is slightly different than the usual customization, especially when it comes to editing the content locker and add your own locker URL. You don’t have to access to index.html or any of the 8 different HTML pages. We’ve made it easy for you and there’s only one URL to add and it will be automatically updated on the whole template.

Just edit the button.html file, replace “LOCKERURL” variable with your own locker URL, and you are done!

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